Special events

2 fish on the same throw

On the 14th. of July 1972, the Danish angler Bent Lind Jacobsen had the experience of catching two fish on the same throw. He threw from “Oddo-odden“, -a rock just below the fishinghouse at Moum when something snatched his bait. After a long struggle he got the fish in the net, and to his amazement there were two fish on the line. The biggest, (13 3/4 lbs.) was entangled into a loop on the line, and the smallest (6 1/2 lbs.) was caught on the hook.

Gibson’s parties

FlaskeOnce a year, in the best church coffee time on Sundays, between 11.45-13.00, Edward Gibson gave noteworthy parties. Beat owners and boatmen with their wives were waited on according to English customs. Whisky for the gentlemen, sherry and port for the ladies, with sandwiches served to all. The parties were given from 1956 – 1976.


Jorn_Ove_og_165kgEarly in the morning on the 4th.of August 1991, Joern Ove Duun (The present landowner of Heggum farm no. 2.) went out to try his luck. The salmon took almost at once in “Kroken,” and there was a fight that lasted approximately 1.5 hours. Joern Ove had to follow with the boat almost all the way down the beat before the salmon at last broke the line, (something that fortunately is pretty unusual nowadays). With his tail between his legs, he went home, after the struggle with something he knew had to be a big salmon. Later that day he went out again, this time together with his father- Olav. At the same place as earlier that day a big salmon took, and it was very reluctant to come out of the water. ­”I bet it’s the same one that I lost earlier”; he said to his father, but Olav didn’t think that was very likely. But, – after another 11/2 hours, when they finally got the 36 1/4 lbs. salmon into the boat, they could see Joern Ove’s “Fat Rap” that he lost that morning, hanging out of the salmons mouth.

One day ­big catch

05.07 1974
9 + 9 salmon ­ 320 1/2 lbs.

Flemmimg_Per_O_9_laks Jacobsen_og_Per_O_9_laks

Lots of timber on the Namsen

Namsen_med_tommerOne thing that today’s salmon anglers don’t have to worry about, is timber on the Namsen, but before 1970, extensive timber floating often disturbed the fishing. When you run salmon, the basic thing to do is keeping the tip of your rod high. But when you run salmon between drifting timber, the technique is the opposite; you lower the tip down into the water so that the logs drift over the line

The salmon jumped into the boat

This has happened twice at Moum. The first time was in 1954, with chief physician Helsingen, and boatman Svein Moum. The second time was in 1998 with a female Danish angler, rowed by Per Olav Moum. Ingrid Moum, who by chance was filming the anglers that day, captured this on video.