The house

The House of Moum


Frank Dugdale fished at Moum from the middle of the 1880-ies. At that time the farm was situated away from the Namsen. Dugdale, who was a passionate angler, offered to pay for the architect and the drawings and thereby persuaded the owner at that time, Erik Moum, to build a house with the highest standards of the times for himself and his guests. Dugdale fished at Moum for 20 years, and he had probably been thinking about the ideal site for The House of Moum for some time, – almost by the riverside, where Namsen runs broadly and majestically by, – “The Queen of Rivers“.

The following year,- 1892 the rest of the farm was moved to what today configures the courtyard, with the old, venerable fishing house as its natural center.

Since the building has English architecture, it’s atypical for the district, but built for the wishes and needs of the anglers of those times. Among other things, the house is divided into an official residence, and a servants quarters.

The house was built in 1891, and it functioned as the main building for the Moum family from September to May. In the summer when it was time to start fishing again, the anglers took over the building and the family moved to another house on the farm. In the period between 1992-1994 an extensive restoration was performed, but the old style and atmosphere was kept. On the inside all the rooms are the same as they were in 1891, but some necessary renovations to the kitchen and bathrooms had to be done to satisfy today’s requirements.

The ground floor consists of the kitchen, larder, living room, dining room, and a room with an open fireplace, in addition to one double bedroom (The Dugdale chamber), a room for changing and storing fishing equipment, a shower and toilet, and various corridors. The first floor has a bathroom with a toilet, three double and four single bedrooms in addition to the owner’s quarters.

It creaks like any other old wooden house, – some of the guests claim that there must be a ghost living there…

But it’s a very peaceful, not an insistent ghost that contributes to the relaxed atmosphere you experience in the venerable, old house.

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